Fight Inflation

  • Fight price gouging
  • Enforce Anti-Trust laws to provide competition
  • Transition off fossil fuels
  • Reduce taxes on retirees

Health Care

  • Train additional health care professionals
  • Address increased Mental Health Care needs
  • Treatment for Long-Term COVID victims
  • Second hospital in Frederick County


  • Fully fund Kirwan plan and expand to cover all employees
  • Prevent diversion of public funds to private schools
  • Cost-Free College and Trade School up to 4 years
  • Targeted Cost-Free Advanced training for health care providers

Public Safety and Social Justice

  • Community Oriented Policing instead of adversarial approach
  • Police and Mental Health Collaboration to enable de-escalation
  • Address prison safety by fulling staffing confinement facilities


  • Infrastructure needs to catch up to residential growth
  • Use Federal Infrastructure funds to address urgent needs
  • I-270 Toll Free HOV lane all the way to Frederick
  • Expand Public Works departments to address infrastructure needs


  • Work with international community to stop all Russian oil exports
  • Replace Russian oil with U.S. natural gas, not German coal
  • Subsidize energy conservation efforts
  • Accelerate renewable energy options and electric vehicles
  • Rapid development of large-scale electricity storage systems


  • Need affordable housing – Redevelopment and in-fill
  • Growth should be planned near transit hubs
  • Protect Family Farms
  • Support The Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan

I support Unions and Working Families

  • $15.00 minimum wage for ALL EMPLOYEES
  • Defend the Right to Organize
  • Child Care Tax Credits